Here you can find advice on how useful the TEL material is and for what purpose the lessons can be used

ClickAdvisor is a rating tool which can be used firstly for the assessment of existing tutorials/lessons produced within the project, and later on to assess further materials within development of the project. It will give you advice on the usage of TEL materials according to the aim of Moby Click project: introduce, test and implement a more efficient and less energy consuming way of schooling by offering lessons in a digital or even in an online version.

Benefits to individual learners

Learn anytime, anywhere. Students can can take their lessons at a time, place and pace which is convenient for them. Learners who are absent, ill or dropping behind can easily catch up. It makes learning accessible to students with language issues or those who cannot reach the school (e.g. weather conditions).

Learn broadly and spread knowledge widely. TEL materials can reach more students and learning process can continue during strikes, epidemics or terror alarm. TEL allows demotivated learners who are at risk of early school leaving to take time to deal with their motivational problems first, and later bridge the learning gap using digital lessons. It also guarantees inclusion to newcomers or refugees who will get more chances to pursue education abroad.

Learn fully. Digital lessons provide a rich learning environment to increase students' involvement and understanding while ensuring a deeper content.

Digital learning will create a modern learning environment for all learners. In a world which has gone digital, it’s high time to recognize the merits of e-learning.

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