Here you will find summaries of the different project meetings.

Moby Click is an Erasmus+ KA219-project with partners from Antwerp, be, Kinna, se, Nereto, it and Michelstadt, de. Moby Click promotes and implements the use of technology enhanced learning (TEL) in secondary schools and it initiates and tests distance learning. The process to achieve these goals is carried out by trainers and learners together.

Find the particular input of each partner on the website In ClickInstructor we have collected the theory of the educational tools used.  In ClickCollector you can find a collection of lessons. ClickAdvisor assesses the lessons. ClickLearner provides instructions for the set-up of distance learning.

Moby Click takes place from 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2018. There are five meetings altogether:

  1. Kinna meeting (Sept.-Oct 2016): planning the project, distribution of tasks
  2. Michelstadt meeting (May 2017): presenting lessons and educational tools
  3. Antwerp meeting (October 2017): trying out distance learning
  4. Nereto meeting (March 2018): working with educational tools
  5. Multiplier Event in Antwerp (May 2018): dissemination

After Moby Click the competence of teachers and students to use TEL will have increased. They also have used distance learning.  The digital learning material and methods of implementing distance learning will offer more learning opportunities to the students in the partnership and beyond.

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