Teachers meeting 26/10/2017

Nereto meeting

We should agree on a subject because all the participants were satisfied with using a theme. The german delegation suggests migration as a theme. To make it more general it is suggested to use the theme “make a difference in your life”. Under this subject things like gap-year, charity, migration, making a difference. The swedish delegation is more inclined to the migration theme because a lot of things can be fitted in this. So to make it more general the theme of “Inclusion” is suggested an agreed on (e.g. disability, cultural differences, historical differences, interactions to inclusion, lgbtq, …).

Conclusion: Theme for next meeting: INCLUSION


The students use more or less the same technologies. A lot of powerpoints and some kahoots. We should aim further and maybe prohibit powerpoint. A short workshop in Nereto about the different tools that can be used will be necessary to show the students the way to new tools. Each group should make a presentation that uses at least two different tools.

The field work was a good method to make the presentations richer, rather than e.g. internet search.

The Italian delegation suggests to make tutorials about the tools that they can study on beforehand. Another idea is to have the teachers to make little workshops about the tools to use during the meeting. The students each follow a workshops and then make mixed groups and do peer teaching

Conclusion: Next meeting: start with different WORKSHOPS about educational tools, then FIELDWORK about inclusion

Number of visitors for Nereto

Germany: 9

Belgium: 14

Sweden: 6/7

Europass Mobility

According to the application form every partner should provide participants to mobilities with europasses. Everybody should make work of it. You have to do it through the europass website: http://www.europassmobiliteit.be/,


http://www.anpal.gov.it/europa/europass/Pagine/default.aspx, https://www.utbyten.se/samarbete-och-utbyte/webbplatser-och-verktyg/europass--euroguidance/

General information: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/about

Guy will make a list of the activities and skills of the meeting in Merksem, Antwerp. It will be sent in November. Partners can already collect data of participants and create sending and hosting organisations.

Distance teaching in between the meetings? “Moby Click Day”

Do a distance meeting session in between  the meetings. This can be done locally in every school. Everyone should try to do it the way they feel comfortable and do a distance learning session or sequence of lesson. Every partner agreed on a “Moby Click Day”



Should enable you to set up a distance learning session.


To be found on the google drive. The lessons of the antwerp meeting should be shared with annika on the google drive


Offer advice to what are the interesting lessons and what are not. The purpose is collecting feedback and giving feedback.


Almost everything is complete only some things are missing.


Students will evaluate this meeting tomorrow. Guy will share the questions tomorrow

Here are the questions:

Thanks for your participation in the Moby Click project and the meeting in Merksem. What did you think of the meeting in Merksem?


1) Write a text of 200 words. You start the text by describing what you did. Then continue the following seven sentence starters if they are applicable:

  • I was good at …
  • I had problems with …
  • I appreciated …
  • I learned that …
  • For myself I will improve/learn/continue …
  • What I’d like to change in the project is … because …
  • Finally, I’d like to say …

2) Optional: Select a picture to illustrate your text.

3) Optional: List the 5 best things of the meeting (the best thing on number 1) and list the 5 worst things of the meeting (the worst thing on top)

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