Here you can find the MobyClick week lessons about Light that the MobyClick project has created


Padlet about Midsummer and Lucia in Sweden

Gjord med Padlet

This is a Padlet lesson about two important festivities in Sweden where light is celebrated.


English words, expressions and idiom about colours and light 

This is an English vocabulary lesson with words, expressions and idiom about colours and light. It's a combination of a screencast Powerpoint with narration and a Powtoon animated presentation. The complete lesson is called "With Flying Colours ppt + pt"

This is the Powtoon presentation and it is called "With flying colours".  


Quizlet about colors

For the padlet I have used picture - word files (e.g. a traditional German strawberry cake would look different than the Swedish version, so I thought that pictures are more helpful). There aren't many words, since the short films that Marie has chosen are very suitable for our pupils' level of English.


Quizlet about Midsummer and Lucia in Sweden


Light & Colour Quotes Quiz 

It is a simple quiz which requires students to guess the author of the quote they read. After reading each quote, the teacher can elicit some reflections from the students and/or start a conversation about what they have just read. Level of English required: B1

The Poetry of Light:It is an interactive image which contains a learning path based on two poems, with reading materials, videos and tasks. It could be used as a flipped learning activity. Level of English required: B2

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